About Us

Who we are: Brad Leone and Adam Papanestor are friends that like to create beautiful, sustainable, and durable woodcraft for the home in our free time.

We only use naturally fallen wood that has been sourced in Northern New Jersey, so we can safely say that no tree was harmed in our creations. Neither Brad or Adam believe that a living tree should be cut down to harvest wood. It's an unethical practice that has permanent damage to our environment and results in often times, a lesser quality product. We will always continue our practices in ethical woodworking with minimal waste and effects on the environment.

All of our products started as a fallen down tree. Which is then milled into slabs and kiln dried for months by Chris Merck of Vertical Woodworking LLC. From there, we take our slabs and either turn them into clean wood to fabricate sayas or salt cellars, or keep as slabs for tables, knife racks and charcuterie boards. Our process is time consuming, but it's the ethical way to make our products.

We continue to take orders on custom tables, shelves, and many other pieces. For more information, please email us at 3dotwood@gmail.com